Sports Betting Tips

Betting strategies there are since the beginning of this discipline. Techniques listed below will serve to answer following questions:

  • When to bet?
  • How to bet?

Bettors will be able to apply these sports betting tips to increase their chances of winning, because the rules that follow are based on mathematical principles commonly used in statistics, combinatorics and probability theory. The game strategies and sports betting tips are divided into two main sub-modes:

  • Systems with higher probability of winning but lower earnings
  • Systems with lower chance of winning but higher gain

It’s obvious that there’s no system with success guarantee cause it’s impossible to certainly predict the final outcome of an event.

Range betting

Range betting is a particulary kind of bet, and differs from the classical bets for the fact that any winnings or losses are not defined initially . Is considered by many people the most exciting form of betting, but we must premise that it is’nt recommended for novices gamblers. In range betting, you do not know exactly how much you can win or lose, as long as the event hasn’t ended. And this feature makes it more dangerous. In Range betting you will win much more than the fixed odds betting, but only if you’re most talented of bookmaker to predict the outcome of the sport event. You can wasting so much, and it is fundamental to tackle the bet with an amount of money for which you can accept the loss without consequences, all depends on how accurate is our prediction. An example of Range bettings are wagers  called Total Bookings and Total Corner available on the bookmaker Betfair.

Let’s see in detail how Total Bookings works.

First, explain what it means Total Bookings. Basically you bet on the total of cards shown by the referee, measuring the quantity by attributing a score: 10 points for each yellow card and 25 for each red card. If, for example, in a meeting there are 3 yellow cards and 1 red the total of the cards will be of 55 points. Bookmaker sets a range score. Example 45-50. On this range, the lowest figure (45) is for those who bet on the downside, while the highest figure (50) is for those who bet upward. Bettors have then 2 betting options: HIGHEST and LOWEST, lower than 45 or higher than 50. If you think that game will be rough and referee will be uncompromising, bet on HIGHER. Let’s say that my prediction is guessed, and at event’s end there are 3 yellow and 2 red cards, the total points will be 80. Having bet on the HIGHEST, is counted the difference between the score of the meeting (80 points) and range in most of which I have wagered (50 points). The difference is 30 points. How much do you win? Well, it depends on how many money you had bet. And here shows the particularity of this bet type. I bet a figure which consists in prize of each difference poin if you win or the cost of each diffrence point in case of lost. Assuming you bet 1 euro, in this case you would win 30 (1 euro multiplied for 30 points). But if things had gone differently (for example, 1 only warned, 10 points total), you would have lost € 1 for each point of difference (45-10 = 35 euro). Sometimes bookmaker puts a minimum and maximum limit to how much you can win or lose. Among the various Range betting there’s Total Corner; in this play is set a number of corners (5.5-6) and at the event’s end is counting the corner to define the amount payable to or to be collected. This bet is one of the most exciting if you can follow the event live. There are many other regarding goals minutes and Throwins but the working principle is always the same.

Correct Score

A fun technique of bet is to try to guess the exact outcome of a sport event. Hitting the result is difficult, and for this the odds are interesting, almost always above 7. The basic strategy for this type of betting is to play in all matches of a single day of a specific league, by focusing on the same score and hope to take at least 1 or 2. To decide which is the most probably outcome is good to see the statistics of that particular result during the season. If a score is statistically frequent you should bet on this. Perhaps hoping that happens in a game it appears unlikely.

Sports Betting Tips Nba

The success of betting on basketball is a natural consequence of a lot of work, collecting information about the game and statistics analysis of teams. When you decide to bet online on a basketball match, you need to consider some factors, beginning from the health of the teams. Never bet on a basketball game if you are not familiar with behind the scenes and the background of the match. You bet on only two results (there is no “X” as in soccer) this is true, but during a normal game, the result often overturns and can happen pretty much everything. The NBA season is a battle, with a long and difficult calendar, so to win by betting on NBA you must focus on the long term, bearing in mind the long season. In order not to waste your game’s wallet, you should avoid betting on every match and every night, keep focused! It ‘important to choose only a couple of games, the ones on which you are more informed about and safer, and play only those. A basic strategy on NBA betting  includes betting on regular teams that can ensure transparecy and achieve a steady income. It ‘a good idea to bet on NBA basketball selecting correct teams, it’s also very useful to be able to follow the games live.